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Company History
TAAL International is a Holding company that was formulated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2008, to create collaboration of the group’s business activities that started since 2002. Lead by a team of Saudi entrepreneurs with high level individual track records and 45 years of combined experience.

Our Mission
Today TAAL holding is staffed by a minimum level of head count who represent the founders and a small administrative team, whose main focus is strategic management and contributing directly to the different business and multiple capacitates such as:

- Direct strategic management of the different divisions and subsidiaries.
- Business development.
- Deal making and networking.
- Fund raising.

Goals and objectives

TAAL aims to benefit positively from the extraordinary expansion and development of the Saudi economy through positioning high-end business opportunities and projects. TAAL’s expansion strategy is not limited to business diversification but also will aim to cover more than one geographical region.
Our objectives can be illustrated as follows:

- Collaboration between its areas of investment building downstream, and horizontal relationships.
- Contribute positively and high end business practices that would have a positive impact on society.
- Cover more than one geographical region growing outwards to the Arabian Gulf and beyond.

Approach to investment

The approach of TAAL towards business development is based on its founder’s entrepreneurship approach to business, where TAAL plays the role of the “Business Development Agent”, and by investigating the market gaps and offering investment opportunities to investors, industry leaders, and other interested groups in return for equity shears in the proposed investment. TAAL may play the lead role from inception to closing the opportunity, and in some cases it might be involved in the direct management of the investment to guaranty the success the business during its first years of establishment.

Major Milestones and achievements

Establishing NP-Designs Consulting in 2002, and growing to a medium size practice, in areas of architecture, engineering, and planning . NP-Designs has been involved in high profile projects and advice as in the following:

- In 2005 appointed as main consultant jointly with Shankland COX of Hong Kong to produce Riyadh Northern New Town structure plan, and Riyadh Northern Sub-Centre structure plan for ArRiyadh Development Authority.
- In addition in the same year NP has been appointed for the Riyadh Northern Sub-Centre structure plan for ArRiyadh Development Authority.

Establishing Maskan Arabia in 2008, with a working capital of SAR53 million, and achieving.

- by 2011 it has completed in full 2 projects and started its third with total sales value of 250 million.
- Current plans for 2012 is managing portfolio of projects worth SAR800 million with estimated sales of SAR 1ooo million by 2015.

Strategic partnership established with International Urban Strategies in 2008 (IUS ), and successfully providing advisory and positioning to major projects in the gulf region:

- Providing Urban Design Framework advise to the Government of Dubai within Vision 2025.
- Successfully completing the positioning of Mt.Khandamah project worth $9 billion in Makkah Almkaramh KSA in partnership with Jadwa Investments for a High Profile Client. This included conducting full flagged framework plan, design, and a combined market and financial feasibility study. Project currently under review by client for final decision on investment placement.


Hossam Alrashoudi: Since April 2008 Cofounder and CEO of Maskan Arabia Development Company. ...

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Sami Alzakri: Chairman of Addima Saudi Arabia Consulting. - CEO of TAAL International Holding Co....

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